Previous Staff

Previous Staff


Over the years Premier Dermatology has had the pleasure to have had many talented individuals work as part of our team.


Sonia Moy

Clinical Trials Nurse

Sonia started with Premier Specialists in 2020 as the practice and clinical trials nurse. Sonia has a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Western Sydney and further studies with the Australian College of Nursing in anaesthetics and perioperative nursing. She has 6 years’ experience as a clinical nurse specialist in anaesthetics.



Dr. Noosha Kazemi-khoo

Research Fellow


Dr. Hossein Akbarialiabad

Senior Fellow

Dr. Hossein Akbarialiabad, M.D. M.Sc skilfully bridges conventional medical practices with advanced digital medicine, including AI research techniques. Drawing from his enriching experiences in global health and an inclination towards space medicine, he explores transformative solutions. As a fellow with a pronounced interest in intricate dermatologic issues, he delves into crafting innovative treatments and formulating novel drug strategies. His commitment to research promises a forward-thinking approach to evolving medical challenges.



Dr. Sara Sabouri

Research Fellow




Helen Dickenson-Panas

Helen Dickenson-Panas

Clinical Trials Coordinator

Helen Dickenson-Panas is our Practice Assistant and one of our Clinical Trials Coordinators. Helen has a Bachelor of Arts with Honours and has been with Premier Specialists since 2014. During her time with Professor Murrell she has assisted in wide a range of dermatology studies. Helen’s interest in medical research combined with her compassion for patients living with skin conditions ensures that our trials are conducted with the utmost diligence with excellent patient care.




Dr. Tabrez Sheriff

Research Fellow




Ruiza Sheila Oran

Clinical Trials Nurse

Sheila is a registered nurse who completed her nursing degrees at the University of Wollongong Australia and Capitol University in the Philippines. Prior to moving to Australia, Sheila worked in the Plastic Surgery Department in Yanhee International Hospital located in Bangkok, Thailand. With an interest in Dermatology, she joined the Premier Specialists team in early 2018 as the Clinic/Trials Nurse. She enjoys working with the dermatology team, connecting with patients and making a difference.


lakmali_portraitDr. Lakmali Pathiraja

Research Fellow

Dr. Lakmali Pathiraja has completed her MD in Dermatology from University of Colombo, Sri Lanka and been recognized for the Best Performance at the MD. She interested in teaching and has given speeches at both local and international conferences and symposia. Lakmali Joined Premier Specialists and St George Hospital as a Clinical and Research Fellow in November 2017, to gain the knowledge of advanced dermatology management options and to have a great exposure to research and clinical trials.


Dr. Melissa Radjenovic

Research Fellow

Melissa Radjenovic is a medical graduate and Vice Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship recipient from Western Sydney University, Australia. She trained as a junior doctor in Liverpool Hospital and went on to complete a further year of surgical training, based at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Melissa has a strong commitment to community, and was awarded the Young Women of the West Award in 2015. Melissa joined Professor Murrell’s team in early 2017. She enjoys the patient interaction, leading edge research, and scientific constructs of clinical trials.

Dr. Asli Bilgiç Temel

Research Fellow

Dr. Asli Bilgiç Temel completed her medical degree from Ege University-Turkey in year 2009. She first worked as a trainee in cardiology for 6 months and in Physical Medicine-Rehabilitation for nearly 2 years in subsequent years. She then completed dermatology specialty program in Akdeniz University, Turkey, becoming a dermatologist in January 2017. She has won 3 awards for her presentations and has 19 published papers. She is Turkish Dermatology Society Scholarship recipient for further research especially in Autoimmune Bullous Diseases and Epidermolysis Bullosa. She came to Sydney in February 2018 and she is looking forward to gaining new skills and experience as a Visiting Fellow.


Dr. Nada Abu Alrub

Research Fellow

Nada Abu Alrub has joined Professor Murrell’s team as a Dermatology Clinical Research Fellow in early 2018. Nada graduated from Jordan before she got her medical and surgical training at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, Australia from 2014-2018. She is both medically and surgically inclined and hoping to pursue a career in surgical Dermatology and is currently doing her master’s degree in surgical skills at Sydney University. She enjoys what she does and enjoys patients interaction. She is currently the main sub-investigator in a number of clinical trials and passionate to gain new skills and experience as a Clinical Research Fellow.


Dr. Marianne de Brito

Research Fellow

Dr Marianne de Brito is a U.K. trained doctor who graduated from University of Oxford Medical School, UK in 2015. During her time at Oxford, she also completed an intercalated BA (Hons) in Medical Sciences. She then successfully completed foundation training in Birmingham, UK where her interest in dermatology research was sparked at University Hospitals Birmingham, a supra-regional cutaneous lymphoma centre. She combined her interests in travel and dermatology by moving to Sydney, Australia in September 2017, where she is looking forward to gaining further clinical and research experience as a Clinical Research Fellow.

Charmaine Peras

Charmaine Peras

RN/Clinical Trials Nurse and Coordinator

Charmaine is the Clinical Trials Nurse and Coordinator at Premier Specialists. She has worked as Prof. Murrell’s Practice Nurse since 2013. Charmaine finished her nursing degree with Honours at Saint Louis University and continued her Master in Nursing major in Nursing Service Administration. She has worked as a nurse educator in the Philippines for four years before moving to Australia to pursue a career in nursing and clinical trials. Her qualifications and experience as a nurse help provide the utmost care to trial patients. Charmaine has conducted a range of studies relating to Epidermolysis bullosa, Basal cell carcinomas, chronic plaque psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, hidradenitis suppurativa, pyoderma gangrenosum and pemphigus vulgaris.


dr-anes-yang-blue-bgdDr. Anes Yang

Research Fellow

Dr Anes Yang was is a research fellow at Premier Specialists. She is currently completing her Masters of Science under the supervision of Professor Dédée Murrell and is one of the Sub Investigators for the various clinical trials at Premier Specialists. She gained clinical dermatology experience during her year as the unaccredited dermatology registrar at St George Hospital and has a particular interest in quality and safety initiatives in NSW Health. In order to supplement this passion for quality and safety, Dr Yang completed her Masters of Public Health through the University of Sydney in 2015.

Minhee Kim

Dr. Minhee Kim

Research Fellow

Dr. Minhee Kim completed her medical degree (MBBS) from University of New South Wales in year 2012. She completed internship and residency year at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide in subsequent years. In year 2015, she moved back to Sydney and successfully completed a 1-year unaccredited dermatology registrar position at St. George Hospital. This year, she is working as a dermatology research fellow at Premier Specialists in Kogarah, Sydney.


Sharleen HillDr. Sharleen Hill

Research Fellow

Dr Sharleen Hill, British-born doctor graduated from University of Southampton in 2010, during this time she also attended Imperial College London to complete an intercalated BSc, gaining first class honours. She commenced an academic training programme in Edinburgh where her interest in dermatology began. A passion for travel lead her to the USA, spending 6 months as a junior research assistant to the highly-respected Paediatric Dermatologist, Dr Joyce Teng affiliated with Stanford University. Returning to the UK she embarked on her general physician training in a major teaching hospital in London gaining MRCP qualification. Moving to Sydney in August 2015 she is looking forward to gaining new skills and experience as a Clinical Research Fellow.


Dr. Adam Harris

Research Fellow

Dr Adam Harris graduated in medicine with the prize in dermatology from the University of Otago, New Zealand, in 2010 after which he completed his internship in New Zealand.
He then moved to Australia working at Nambour Hospital on the Sunshine Coast and then Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney.
He has been employed as a clinical research fellow 2014-16.
He has been the main subinvestigator for the vismodegib for advanced Basal cell carcinoma trial and the SHIRE trial for wound healing in dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa.


Dr. Cathy Zhao

Research Fellow

Dr Zhao graduated from the University of New South Wales in 2011 and has since been working towards a career in dermatology.
She has been completing research in autoimmune blistering diseases, atopic dermatitis and drug-induced skin diseases.
She holds a Master of Medicine degree in clinical epidemiology and is currently completing her Masters of Science by Research in atopic dermatitis.
She is also a Conjoint Associate Lecturer at the University of New South Wales.


Dr.Nigel Maher

Research Fellow

Dr Nigel Maher completed his medical degree at the University of Newcastle, and worked at St George hospital in 2014 as an unaccredited dermatology registrar.
He joined the clinical research team at the start of 2015.


Lesley Rhodes

Registered Nurse

Lesley has been our clinical trials nurse since 1998 and had prior experience in midwifery, ENT/allergy and paediatrics. She coordinates trial appointments and assists with running the trials.


Supriya Venugopal


2008-2010 Dr Supriya Venugopal is a graduate of UNSW medical school who completed internship at Westmead Hospital. She started the Masters in Clinical Epidemiology at Sydney University in 2007 and has joined our team in January 2008 to do clinical research in Dermatology.


Dr Clarissa Mendoza

Fellow 2011

Dr Clarisse Mendoza is a dermatologist from the Philippines. She joined our team as a clinical research fellow for 2011


Dr Benjamin Daniel

Fellow 2010-2011

Dr Benjamin Daniel graduated in 2007 from the Australian National University and has been working as a clinical research fellow and dermatology resident at St George Hospital.

Dr Benjamin Daniel


Clinical Trial Coordinater

Jackie is our clinical trial coordinator who runs several clinical trials from our practice.

Jackie Cochrane


Dr Mae Ramirez

Fellow 2012

Dr Mae Ramirez is a dermatologist from the Philippines. She joined our team as a clinical research fellow for 2012.

Dr Mae Ramirez


Dr Bonnie Fergie


Dr Fergie has joined our team as a Dermatology Registrar (unaccredited) for South East Area Health Service, St George Hospital.


Liz Intong


2008-2010 Dr Liz Intong graduated from the University of the Philippines Medical School and completed her dermatology training and board examinations in the Philippines. She has completed one year dermatology fellowship in Singapore prior to joining our team as a clinical research fellow in June.


Malene Vestegaard


2007-2008 Dr Vestegaard graduated from the University of Aarhus, Denmark and was also completing clinics and research at Sydney University. She is training in Dermatology in Copenhagen for 2009.


Linda Martin


2005-2007 Dr Linda Martin: Linda is an honours 1 graduate of UNSW medical school and after completing internship at St George Hospital, commenced the clinical trials fellowship with us, alongside her Master’s of Clinical Epidemiology at Sydney University and the dermatology resident position at St George. She is commencing dermatology training in Sydney in 2008.


Anna Liza Agero


2006-2007 Anna Liza qualified as a dermatologist in metro Manila, the Philippines, and also completed a two year fellowship in dermoscopy and confocal laser microscopy at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York prior to commencing this fellowship. Anna Liza will soon be returning home to Manila to become involved in teaching and research as well as private practice there.


Dr Adam Rubin

2005-2006 Adam qualified as a dermatologist at Columbia University, New York and after Chief Residency there, completed our fellowship prior to starting a two year dermatopathology fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania.


Dr Gilberto Moreno

2003-2004 Gilberto completed medical school in Bogota, Colombia and initially came to work with Prof Murrell as an elective student at St George Hospital. Deciding he would like to further his experience in dermatology research, he stayed on for a further 2 years, completing dermatology research under supervision. He is now in medical training in Sydney and aiming towards dermatology.


Dr Julie Cronk

2002-2003Julie qualified as a dermatologist at the University of Minnesota, USA and came to Sydney for a year’s fellowship with us prior to completing a Mohs’ surgery fellowship at Emory University, USA. She is now in private practice in Minnesota and teaching Mohs’ surgery.


Dr Becca Cummins

2000-2001 Becca qualified as a dermatologist at Northwestern University in Chicago, USA and after a prestigious paediatric dermatology fellowship with Prof Amy Paller in Chicago, came here for the dermatopharmacology fellowship. Becca is now in private practice in the Chicago area and teaching paediatric dermatology at Children’s Hospital in Chicago.


Dr Adrian See

1999-2001 Adrian qualified from Sydney University and after completing his dermatopharmacology fellowship at St George, has completed dermatology training in Sydney.


Dr Adrian Lim

1997-1999 Adrian qualified from UNSW and then as a GP with an interest in phlebology before commencing the dermatopharmacology fellowship at St George. He completed dermatology training in Sydney and is now in private practice.

Nicole Chiang